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Monash University Cricket Sixes

By Stephen Pearson

Date: Tuesday 26th January (Australia Day Holiday)

Entry Fee: $150 (pay in cash on the day).

The games will be played at East Caulfield Reserve, opposite Monash University Caulfield on Tuesday 26th January 2016.

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At the moment we have 5 teams entered
* Melbourne Premier Cricket League (MPCL)
* Southern Royals (SR)
* Team Moose (TM)
* Hammer (TH)
* Indian Riders (IR)

Team Entry is $150 payable in cash on the day. First prize remains at $500 cash and there will be no prize for second place.
An official umpire will supplied for the day.
All teams should be there at 9AM with the first games starting at 10AM. All team Captains should check in with me, at the clubrooms at 9AM.
Each team will play 4 group games, there will then be 2 semi finals, and a grand final.

Draft Fixture:
Oval 1 10:00AM TM v TH
Oval 2 10:00AM MPCL v SR

Oval 1 10:45AM IR v SR
Oval 2 10:45AM MPCL v TM

Oval 1 11:30PM MPCL v TH
Oval 2 11:30PM IR v TM

Oval 1 12:15PM MPCL v IR
Oval 2 12:15PM TH v SR

Oval 1 1PM TM v SR
Oval 2 1PM IR v TH

Oval 1 2PM Semi Final 1 v 4
Oval 2 2PM Semi Final 2 v 3

Oval 1 3PM Grand Final (8 ball overs)


The Laws of Cricket apply, except:

  • Games are played between two teams of six players, and each game consists of a maximum of five six-ball overs bowled by each side (eight-ball overs in the grand final).

  • Each member of the fielding side bowls one over, with the exception of the wicket-keeper.

  • Wides and no-balls count as two runs and are re-bowled.

  • Free Hit for all no-balls.

  • If five wickets fall before 5 overs are completed, the last remaining batsman bats on with the fifth batsman acting as a runner. He always takes strike. The innings is complete when the sixth wicket falls.

  • Batsmen retire not out on reaching 31 runs. The idea being to reach 36 runs by hitting 6 sixes. A retired batsman can return to the crease after lower-order batsmen either retire or are out.

  • All Overs Bowled from One End.

  • Batsman in Next, to Square Leg Umpire, until the 4th wicket, when the first dismissed batsman will square leg umpire.

  • Only Old 4 Piece Balls will be used.

  • Free Interchange of players between games, including finals

  • Teams to wear the same uniform, that they supply themselves.

  • Maximum of a 6 step run-up

  • The home team (team listed first) bats first (no coin toss) except for the Grand Final

Stephen Pearson
0409 780 769