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Monash University Sixes Results

By Stephen Pearson

On Australia Day 26/01/2016 the Inaugural Monash University Sixes Tournament was held. The games were played at East Caulfield Reserve opposite the Monash University Caulfield Campus.

Each team played each other once, and then Indian Riders (Third) and Southern Royals (second) played a Semi Final, with the winner playing the top side Team Moose.

The Grand Final was played with 8 ball overs, and it was Team Moose's leading run scorer Ashwani Mehta who lead them to within one run of victory, before he was run out.


Round 1				
Team Moose 1/60 Def. Team Hammer 3/47
MPCL 2/58 Def. By Southern Royals 4/89

Round 2
Indian Riders 1/62 Def. Southern Royals 1/57
MPCL 4/41 Def. By Team Moose 0/53

Round 3
MPCL 5/48 Def. By Team Hammer 0/60
Indian Riders 3/68 Def. By Team Moose 2/75

Round 4
MPCL 2/52 Def. By Indian Riders 2/80
Team Hammer 1/78 Def. By Southern Royals 2/84

Round 5
Team Moose 1/48 Def. By Southern Royals 4/49
Indian Riders 3/76 Def. Team Hammer 2/55

Semi Final
Indian Riders 1/41 Def. Southern Royals 0/37

Grand Final
Team Moose 1/66 Def. Indian Riders 2/56


Ashwani Mehta	Team Moose	124
Sushunt Puri Southern Royals 108
Brijesh Patel Indian Riders 91
Andy Bajwa Team Moose 80
Jackey Patel Indian Riders 75
Hans Indian Riders 70
Manjeet Singh Southern Royals 68
Suhel Anwar Team Hammer 65
Bilal Medhi Team Hammer 52
Shree MPCL 50


Sushunt Puri	Southern Royals	9
Ashwani Mehta Team Moose 8
Andy Bajwa Team Moose 5
Manjeet Singh Southern Royals 5
Bilal Medhi Team Hammer 5
Suhel Anwar Team Hammer 4
Brijesh Patel Indian Riders 3
Jackey Patel Indian Riders 3
Hans Indian Riders 2
Shree MPCL 2


Shikhar Gupta			Team Moose	3
Thanigaivasan Ratnalingam Team Moose 3
Bilal Medhi Team Hammer 2
Ram Badhan Southern Royals 2
Lance Hammond Team Hammer 2
Nathan West Team Hammer 2