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Councillor Jim Magee to stage week long sit-in at Caulfield Racecourse

By Stephen Pearson

GLEN Eira Councillor Jim Magee will set up camp in front of the Caulfield Racecourse today to protest the “wasted” empty public space inside that he says should be used for sporting clubs.

Former Mayor Jim Magee will live in a tent at the corner of Glen Eira and Booran roads, Caulfield, for a week to draw attention to the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve; empty Crown land he says is being denied to local sporting clubs in the space-starved municipality.

He said the land would be better used for sporting groups, like the Monash University Cricket Club who had been pushed out of Glen Eira because of the lack of open space.

He said the reserve, a 54ha parcel of Crown land — the equivalent of more than 20 MCGs — needed to be handed back to the public.

“I believe the sports fields are way more important than the MRC which is making more and more money off Crown land,” he said.

“The new minister Lily D’Ambrosio has been in the job for less than a week, and has no understanding of the plight of our sports clubs and our children.

GLEN Eira council has the least amount of sporting grounds per resident of any council in Melbourne, and our Club along with other Glen Eira sporting clubs fight for every ground we can get.