Monash University CC News

Monash University Turf Future

By Stephen Pearson

The club has been informed by Monash University that the last remaining cricket wicket on campus with be replaced with synthetic soccer pitches, with works currently postponed until further notice.

This means that Monash University Cricket Club will be able to continue to play out of Clayton campus for the upcoming (2017-18) cricket season using existing Turf Wicket table. This however is not a permanent situation and it is still likely that we will still lose the last remaining turf ground on campus in the 2018.

This will give us 12 months to better assess our situation and allow us time to continue to fight the removal of the last remaining wicket, and fight to get a wicket re-installed into the main oval on campus. The club will continue as Monash University Cricket Club, and will continue to provide a club for current and past students to enjoy the game we love.

For this season, it means that we will be entering at least 5 teams on turf, which grades those teams will be in will be up to the MCA. We will also be looking to secure turf grounds outside of the University that can be used as our long-term home moving forward, if the University do decide to remove the last remaining turf ground on campus. During the season, we will have access to our turf and synthetic nets for training, and our bowling machine.

Our pre-season begins on Sunday the 27th of August at Sandown Indoor Sports Centre, 2 Brough St, Springvale North, starting at 1pm. We look forward to seeing you all there aiming to start season successfully.