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VWCA Appointment Threatens Defence of Willowfest Title

By Shelley Wilson

The Victorian Women's Cricket Association this week announced the appointment of Gryphon Vice President, Bec MacLeod, as Team Manager of the Victorian Under 15 Representative Team, which will compete in Sydney from 16 to 20 December this year.

When asked how she felt about the news, Bec exclaimed "Now I will get one of those groovy tracksuits!"

"The only downside of the situation" she continued, "is that I can't work night shift during that week, which I would need to do in order to get time off for Willowfest."

Gryphons President, Shelley Wilson, said she would be approaching the VWCA to appeal for a change to the Under 15 fixture. "Feral Cheryl, as we lovingly call her, was an integral part of our first Willowfest campaign and will be sorely missed when we defend our flag in 2002/03."

At the poorly attended press conference, Bec made the point of thanking Kelly Morris for pointing her towards the advertisement on the VWCA website. She went on to acknowledge veteran Under 17 Representative player, Lisa Morrison, for her insights into the role of the Team Manager, and President Wilson for her valuable role-plays before the interview.

When other Gryphon Women at the press conference realised that Mozzie, Squirt and EssDot were ultimately responsible for Bec's appointment, and subsequent non-attendance at the late-December cricket carnival in Mildura, a full scale melee ensued.

"I just couldn't believe she would abandon us like this", said Vanessa Henderson from her bed at St Vincents Hospital.

Using her only phone call from the Russell Street police lockup, Wilson said, "All congratulations to Bec and we wish her well, but if I had realised her appointment was going to jeopardize Willowfest, I'd have given her some really ridiculous scenarios to
consider before the interview!"

I'm sure the members of Monash Gryphons Cricket Club join the committee in congratulating Bec on this momentous appointment. With this experience under her belt, a Junior Gryphons team could be just around the corner?