Monash University CC News

Resolutions of the Club at General Meeting

By Monash Gryphons Cricket Club

During the extraordinary general meeting held on 7th October 2002 at East Caulfield Reserve, the members of the club voted for a number of resolutions to be passed. These are as follows:

1. That the Monash Gryphons Cricket Club Committee makes available to any member, minutes of the committee meetings either publicly in summary form, or in full by request to the club secretary;

2. That any member be entitled to attend any committee meeting and within reason, have their say;

3. That the committee make all reasonable efforts to secure appropriate training facilities for all sides within the existing financial constraints;

4. That the club is stronger united than divided;

5. That, in the absence of gross financial or administrative mismanagement, the committee is permitted to run the club as they see fit;

6. That all members of the club and committee make every effort to communicate with each other in a civil and respectful way; and

7. That every attempt be made to provide all players with equality.