Monash University CC News

Practice Match Report

By Stephen Pearson

On Sunday the 16th of September, the High West CC hosted 2 practice matches against the Monash Gryphons CC. On a windy early spring day both games were underway by 11:30 am, consisting of 40 overs a side, below is the tale of my side:

Ricky Ponting
Steveís Side

My side, who had apparently decided to bat first before I had turned up started steadily with Heinrich and Choy both watchful of the new ball. Eventually Lloyd found a little adrenaline and tried to drive a ball that wasnít quite there; he succeeded in only gaining the edge. Kelvin followed the next over, beating by a mixture of poor defense and a straight delivery. Kunal, Nippun and Adnan all batted aggressively, including a well hit pull shot by Adnan, which went for six. Unfortunately when attempting to repeat the dose the very next ball he succeeding only in skiing it. Therefore at 6 wickets down and about 30 runs things were looking pretty grim for old Gryphs, and memories of last season where quickly flooding back for the captain.

Hopeful of a score above 100, the partnerships with Kaushik and Salim clearly set this up for the team. Kaushik showed great skill and patience in dealing with my sometime haphazard calling, striking a few good blows through the on side. When it came Salimís turn to stride to the crease everything about the young man oozed class, that was until he tried to sweep the first ball he faced, almost ending up bowled. I camed the young man down, and told him to play with the spin, and where a helmet next time if he wants to sweep. At about this stage I was looking a little more settled, and hitting less catches to fieldsman. With my first boundary I was greeted with the comment from Salim that he wanted to run, and that I should not hit the ball that hard. I had to disagree though, as I had already done about my limit of running. We ended up with a score over 100, and we therefore had something to bowl at. I finished the day with a score of 26* retired exhausted.

Kelvin was asked to don the gloves again, and we went into our stretches in preparation for a long time in the field, unfortunately concentration was clearly lacking as the conversation quickly digressed from about stretching the groin muscle to the kamasutra. Early on Lloyd was snapping up cheap wickets, with one been a superb catch from that man Salim again. At the other end Adnan was terrorizing the top order with a mixture of bouncers and yorkers. After a lengthy 5 over spell, Lloyd was sent from the field, apparently a little under the whether, and unable to come from the long run anymore. The ball was then tossed around as I tried to buy a wicket or two. The break eventually came when Nippun came into the attack, taking two quick wickets, both cleared bowled, after a retirement from Highett. Iím still unsure who won the match, but clearly cricket was the winner on this day.

All in all a great day, and if I have forgotten anyone, or any event I do apologise as my memory is starting the fade in my old age.