Monash University CC News

What happened to the 3rd XI?

By Stephen Pearson

The walkovers conceded by Monash Gryphons (7th Grade) [our 3rd XI] has brought the number of walkovers conceded by that team to the maximum allowable [three]. Consequently we are withdrawn from the SD&CCL 7th Grade.

This has been due to the lack of commitment from players for the entire of the season.

Moving forward this means that there will be a high competition for places in the Men's 2nd XI, for the remaining 3 matches of the season. We advise all guys keen to play the remainder of the season to attend training regularly, and ensure you stay in contact with Stephen Pearson.

Next season we will be looking to rebuild both our men's 2nd and 3rd XIs and we will need your help and commitment to do so.