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Pre Season Training

By Shelley Wilson

gryphons at training
It was terrific to see such a strong turnout at training yesterday. With the season starting in just under two weeks, it's very encouraging to see familiar faces returning and a strong stable of talented new recruits running around East Caulfield Reserve!

I hope we'll have equally strong numbers at ECR this coming Sunday (28th) for the practice matches:

Women, please be at the ground by 10:30 for an 11:00am start (20 overs per side against North Caulfield). Selection will be made on the day, so all players are encouraged to show up, even if it is your first pre-season run.

Men, your match against Southside starts at 2:00pm. Please be at the ground by 1:00pm (of course, I hope that many of you will already be there supporting the women). Even if you have not been to training yet, please make an effort to show up, as net practice will be available throughout the day for those not selected in the practice match (and a bit of support from the boundary will not go astray!)

Selection this season is going to be quite competitive, so attendance at training and on-field performance will be crucial for players wishing to be part of the A Grade team.

A BBQ will be held following the matches, so that we can brag to each other about amazing catches, precision cut shots and blistering bowling performances. Please hang around and use this opportunity to get to know the committee and other members of the club. I'm sure that Passa will take the opportunity to address all the men about his expectations for the season ahead, and perhaps the shy retiring Robbo will even add a few words for the women.

If you would like to lend a hand with the BBQ, please contact Kelly Morris (

Catch you on Sunday!

Shelley Wilson
0438 500924