Monash University CC News

Instructions for Fawkner Park Pitch Covers

By Mercantile Cricket Association

THE WET WEATHER LINE each Saturday morning advises if covers have been laid overnight, and if they should be laid after play for Sunday matches.
Sunday morning message advises if covers have been laid overnight.
SUNDAY HOME SIDES should ring the wet weather line on Saturdays for Saturday night instructions.

HOME SIDES are responsible for removing covers one hour before play, weather permitting.
UMPIRES take control of the use of covers 30 minutes before play is scheduled to start.
BOTH SIDES are responsible for any covers labour required during the day.
HOME SIDES are responsible for the overnight relaying or storage of the covers.

Covers are easily damaged if dragged across bitumen paths or concrete floors,
or if snagged around trees or if stood on in spikes.
Your careful handling of the covers will extend their life and effectiveness.
Hessians will last years if they are properly dried before being folded and stored.

Take care with removal of water. Brooms, foam rubber, sopper are available at Fawkner Park.
Take particular care with covers if it is windy. Wait for assistance.
Move excess water to low side of ground and as far off pitch square as possible.
Many hands make light work. Lift all edges to avoid accidental spillage.
Edge of cover is less than 3 metres from pitch when laid.
Mark any holes in covers with a big texta if possible.
Report damage to Jason Evans or umpires.
Fold up hessian only if completely dry. Hang on Cordner fence if wet.
Fold up cover. Webbing belt. Onto trolley. Tent pegs into ammo box.

During play
Anticipate possible use.
If covers are not at the ground, batting side to collect from southern rooms if instructed.
Hessian not required unless laying overnight.
Unfold cover along boundary if weather imminent.

All hands on deck when the umpires call for the covers.
Let cover unfold as you go out to the pitch. Air underneath.
Tent pegs.
Remove stumps.
Extend cover 2 metres past return creases at each end of pitch.
Umpires to supervise.

Fold cover in half longways.
Then FIVE folds in half the other way towards the ends until 1 metre wide.
Fold length in half then roll towards ends.
Secure with webbing belt.
Hessians fold, fold, fold in half towards the ends, then roll up.
Onto trolley.

Covers, dry hessians, ammo boxes on trolleys into Fawkner Park southern rooms.
Off central alcove.