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Matthew Sweeney


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Batting: Right hand opener
Bowling: Right arm lolly-pops
Born: Fontana, California
Nickname: Toppy (topspinner)

Previous Clubs: Buln Buln, Carlton, Essendon Workshops
Favourite Book: IT
Favourite Movie: Road Trip
Favourite Song: Civil War
The bat you use: Grey Nic
Least favourite Opposition Team: Love them all
My favourite gadget is: Key ring bottle opener
The book that changed my life is: BZE Buildings Plan
If only I could: Convince more people that burning gas is NOT clean or efficient.
I often wonder: Why have we created a world where we typically have to work our arses off to get by.
I like this club because: Where else am I going to find a moose, a weasel, and Snoopy from Peanuts all happily playing together?
A Gryphon I would like to be for a day is: Gotta be Angad. Cool to be tall for a day.
My Gryphons' highlight: 2013/14 up to Christmas

Other Cricket Career Highlights: 3 Premierships. Batting with Matt Elliott in U19 schoolboys.


1121818109818.009 9723MyCricket Batting Career


112218.2254874215.4627.2915/5MyCricket Bowling Career

Player Highlights

37 v's Malvern at Centenary Park 2 18/19
31 v's East Malvern Tooronga at Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park 18/19
33 v's Ashwood at Essex Heights Reserve 18/19
97 v's South Yarra at Como Park East 18/19
44* v's Youlden Parkville at Centenary Park 2 17/18
30 v's Reds at Namatjira Park 16/17
43 v's Power House at Namatjira Park 16/17
18 (16) v's Northern Heat at East Caulfield Reserve #1 14/15
3/23 v's Reds at Monash Uni 14/15
52 & 2/42 v's Sacred Heart at Fawkner Park #2 14/15
27 v's Reds at Fawkner Park #4 13/14
27 v's Burnley CYMS at Fawkner Park #2 13/14
14 & 4/17 (5) v's Indigos at Straw Field 2 5 Oct 2013, 13/14
38* v's Burnley CYMS at Fawkner Park #1 13/14
50 v's Burnley CYMS at Fawkner Park #4 13/14
63 & 5/5 v's Youlden Parkville at Fawkner Park #1 13/14
67 v's South Yarra at Fawkner Park #2 13/14
36 & 2/9 v's South Yarra at Fawkner Park #4 13/14
65 v's Emmanuel Sth Oakleigh at Fawkner Park #2 12/13
3/20 v's South Yarra at Como Park West 12/13
2/15 v's Carnegie at Koornang Park 12/13
96 v's Parkville District at Walker St Oval East 12/13
35 v's Eastern Flow at Fawkner Park #5 Sat Jan 8, 10/11
62* v's Bentleigh at Straw Field 1 Sat Nov 20, 10/11
78 v's Sacred Heart at Straw Field 2 Sat Jan 23 & 30, 09/10

Note: Player Statistics Accurate to the end of the 2017/2018 season.